RollupList by RollupCode returns all lists


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November 23, 2019 18:17



We are getting all 5300+ lists when we run this query. I redacted the RollupCode, but we grabbed it originally by returning all lists and filtered for it by the description – it definitely exists. If it matters at all, the RollupCode has a period in the middle of it – we tried escaping that, but it didn’t change the results.[RollupCode]?Fields=RollupCode&ResultsPerPage=1

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


November 23, 2019 20:53


You’ll want to specify what records you want to return:
GET /candidates/rolluplists/{RollupCode}
GET /companies/rolluplists/{RollupCode}
GET /positions/rolluplists/{RollupCode}

This will give you the IDs to find in the corresponding endpoints.


November 26, 2019 16:57


Thanks Jarrid,

I just realized the question I had asked was different – I’m not sure what the point of grabbing a RollupList by its code is then, but it’s in the documentation under RollupLists.

Anyways, we just took your advice and skipped that lookup by choosing to grab the candidates from the list directly.

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