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January 27, 2015 20:29



We’re utilizing the soap API on an older implementation to pass applicant information from a job submission to a PCR training database.

Our client has requested to provide a Country field but it does not pass the value over. It instead requires us to setup “preferred list of countries”.

Please advise.



January 29, 2015 14:48


Let me rephrase this post. ;-)

We’d like to add a country field onto an applicant form submission and pass that information into our client’s PCR database.

While logged into PCR we see the country field and selected the drop-down which provides a list to select what countries we would like to use with a check box beside each country. However there are also two values beside each country for example:

Canada (CAN) (0)
United States of America (USD) (0)
Mexico (MXN) ()
Puerto Rico (USD) (787)

Can someone please explain what these additional values are for and if we need to use them for anything on our end?



January 30, 2015 14:49


It sounds like you may have loaded the screen in the User Interface where the user picks a “favorites” list of countries if you were seeing check boxes on the screen. The general use of the pop-up screen is for the user to just click on a country from the favorites list or to search for the country.

The First value in the parenthesis is just an enumeration which can be used in our system.

The second value in parenthesis is a country dialing code from the US in the event we have a valid value.

You just need to submit a value to the country field such as Canada, United States of America, etc to the Country field in the API.

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