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August 13, 2019 18:50


I am doing a trial with one of the PCR/Main Sequence business partners, Talenthook, and have run into an issue after they did their configuration with Talenthook to integrate it with PCR. In talking with Nick in tech support he felt I needed to ask for guidance when it comes to the API set up that has been done for me in the past with another product we never did use. Is it true that I can use the API code and API key that is already set up in my PCR for application integration? It shows that my database is set up as sandbox and I do not want two separate databases within PCR—-I just want one and am wondering how to go about having that changed? The error message (separate issue maybe not) I am getting when Talenthook tried to put people I have found through searching into PCR is “The action failed on the following candidates” (it shows this has been the result with every person I tried to have put into PCR) and further info in the error says: “the target service returned an invalid response code.”. Appreciate any help you can provide.


August 13, 2019 18:57


Hello Greg,

You’ll need to email support@mainsequence.net, asking for the sandbox database to be removed, which will automatically create a ticket. As far as the API credentials, you can use the same ones but I recommend that people create an “application” via the 3scale portal for each integration they use as to avoid a single application running all other apps out of calls. As to the error message(s) you’re receiving, you’ll want to reach out to TalentHook as they created the integration.

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