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August 31, 2020 20:27


I have a number of consecutive queries perhaps up to 15 some seem not to be returning data and I’m not sure why. Here is an example of the query. Typically all I am changing is the title, fee and the location.

EB-1737023077 (DateEntered ge 01-01-2020 AND Status eq C AND Comp – min le 95000 AND Title co HR) AND (Relo State MW co OH OR State co OH)

Is it reasonable to expect that the API can result these one after another or do you recommend limiting the number of queries at a time?

Should I put some sort of delay between the queries?

Anything you recommend is welcome


August 31, 2020 20:30


BTW does the API block my access in any way if there is a high demand from my queries? Are you able to see any history of my queries to determine whether the problem is on my side or on the system side?

Thanks for your time


August 31, 2020 20:34


Are you sure there are records that match your criteria? Each request will hit a different application server so you don’t need much of a delay, but one mistake I see all the time is not reusing the SessionID. Once you generate a SessionID you can use it until it expires.

We won’t auto-block until you’ve gone over the limit of calls, but it might slow down the database if they’re intensive queries.


August 31, 2020 20:48



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