How do I protect the content of my database


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April 03, 2020 20:21


I am about to contract with a developer to enhance the functionality of PCR.

1. What information should I expect to have to share with him?
2. Once this information is given out, are they able to see passwords? are they able to copy all the information in the system?
3. How do I exclude access after the development period is ended?
4. Should I do something ahead of giving access in case they do something that they should not?



April 03, 2020 20:32



1. You’ll need to share 5 pieces of information:
a. API Key (provided via 3scale)
b. App ID (provided via 3scale)
c. Database Identifier (your link to PCR)
d. a Username for the database
e. a Password for the database

2. All passwords within PCRecruiter are encrypted and not available via the API.

3. Simply delete or disable the account login you created for them in PCRecruiter.

4. When you create their username in PCRecruiter you can configure securities there to allow/disallow access to various functionality.

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