How can I get all records from my CRM


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October 22, 2018 12:33


In my PCRecruiter Application, I have more than thousands of Candidate records. When I’m trying to show all the records in Postman By using PC recruiter Get All Candidates API
It Shows only 25 records.
I tried to get all candidates records in two way.
1)By Postman.
by PCRecruiter swagger.
But each way I got the same kind of results that show only 25 records

I tried to get more than these records.
I used to the 2nd way. In that PCRecruiter swagger, I saw an option Result per page. I gave it 50 records need to show.
Then it shows the 50 records and they mentioned 100 is the limits.
So I thought in the PCRecruiter Get all candidates API is the default show
25 records more than that we can set Result per page that also has a limit 100 records only.
So how can I get all records by hitting single API is there any solutions are available?


October 22, 2018 13:32


The max return in the API is 100 records. You will need to request each page to get all of the candidates.

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