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March 27, 2015 16:52


We are wondering more about what datapoints and information are included in each of the Get API calls (i.e GetCandidate,GetCompany, GetDistinctField,GetPosition, and GetResume).

Also, can we pull a batch of this information based on the date that it was entered?

Thank you


March 27, 2015 17:27


If you are looking at the SOAP API the available fields are part of the WSDL. If you connect to a program such as SOAP UI it will parse out the available fields and create sample requests. Optionally you could review the wsdl and xsd files to review what is there.

That said, if you are starting a new application we are no longer developing for the SOAP API but instead we are fixing/updating/developing code for the REST API.

I would recommend reviewing the current REST API documentation at the following URL to review available fields as well as general information about the API.

The field information is listed in the Resource Definitions (right hand navigation column) in the active documentation.

Candidates have a DateEntered field which can be searched against.

Positions have a DatePosted field which can be searched against.

Companies does not have a date created field, but could possibly be searched through the ../companies/activities resource to get a list of CompanyId ’s with ActType eq ADDCOM

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