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February 23, 2015 20:46



I am pretty new to PC Recruiter and am creating an integration with our app. I am attempting to test functionality of GET Access Token here:!/access-token/GetAccessToken_get_0

I am attempting to connect to

Unfortunately I cannot find in the documentation the correct location of the values I am looking for.

Im assuming from the URL string that “Broadlook” is the correct string value for the DatabaseId and the user name and password I need are the same ones to log into that instance of the CRM. I am also assuming the AppId and the ApiKey are the ones provided for me in the API Keys section of the site when I signed up for the API. I am currently leaving the Accept-Language blank.

However when I run the request I am getting response code 0 with no other appended information for the Access Token. And when I input the provided URL string created by the form into a browser I am getting the error “Invalid Api Key or Invalid App Id” even though I am using the Key and Id provided.



February 25, 2015 14:38


Normally I believe this would have been supplied to you. I will look into why it has not been supplied. Posting on that set of active docs may have some issues as it is in testing and the API it connects to won’t be officially updated until May.

Your databaseId would be:

A sample(non-URL encoded).

If you are still getting an error can you send the URL you are submitting to I will take a look at it from there.

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