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March 06, 2015 02:18


I wanted to do some checking of my session usage and decided what I would do is create the session, then delete it, then make a request to see what error I get. Here is what I get:

CURL HEADER: array(1) { 0=> string(24) “Accept: application/json” }


CURL URL: string(201) “

CURL RESPONSE: string(124) "{"SessionId":“y2nZHwmkzA3rdh2eaKFRf63sJSOJrMgdsNEvoBNF91ntAJtbwaQH9LaEcSirzUe/QXwfUrAvMXCmohfMWrgpSN6GiGo3dKNPHOlIBOssHw==”}"

I then use that session ID to remove the token using a DELETE:

CURL HEADER: array(2) { 0=> string(24) “Accept: application/json” 1=> string(130) “Authorization: Bearer y2nZHwmkzA3rdh2eaKFRf63sJSOJrMgdsNEvoBNF91ntAJtbwaQH9LaEcSirzUe/QXwfUrAvMXCmohfMWrgpSN6GiGo3dKNPHOlIBOssHw==” }


CURL URL: string(49) “”

CURL RESPONSE: string(38) "{"errors":“3 Scale Keys Are Required”}"

Why do I get this error? What does that mean? When I try to use the token delete on your website, it says it returns true when successful, but the response code is always 0 and the session does not seem to be deleted. I this even function of the API even working?


March 06, 2015 15:37


That is a generic response from the hosting company. I will look into this as it is working in my sample environment.


March 06, 2015 18:58


This appears to be an issue with needing the Apikey and AppId values in the URL for logout in the API. It should not work this way. Those keys should only be required in the url for the GET request when you first get your access token.

It will work in some environments, but if the ability to logout is needed for the moment please just include the apikey and appid in the request URL.

I have entered a production issue for this problem to be resolved in a future release of the API.

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