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October 07, 2019 15:39



I’m having an issue with retrieving a custom field called “DesiredPosition”.!/candidates/GetCandidateById_get_2

This is for our mutual client Morgan Hunter. It’s the only field which I’m unable to retrieve.

As an example, the candidate record of Velvet Krone (RMS ID: 146559031955012) has the Desired Position field set to: “Account Management, Client Services”. The following call returns the UserName field correctly, but not the DesiredPosition one:

“UserName”: “DAXTRA”,
“CustomFields”: [
“FieldName”: “DesiredPosition”,
“FieldType”: “Undefined”,
“Values”: []

I’ve also tried using “Desired Position” as the field name but it didn’t work either.

Could you please advise on what the problem may be?

Kind regards,
Bartek Malon
DaXtra Technologies


October 07, 2019 17:47


Hello Bartek,

Can you please email me a valid session ID to try this with?
jarrid (at) mainsequence (dot) net

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